Pantech Breeze III (AT&T)

September 30, 2013

Pantech Breeze III (AT&T)
Pantech Breeze III (AT&T) Detail
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Pantech Breeze III (AT&T) Description

Offering all the great features of its previous model–including lightning quick HSPDA 3G speeds and integrated GPS–the Pantech Breeze III mobile phone for AT&T has been updated Audience earSmart noise suppression technology, helping make calls clearer and easier to hear than ever before. The Breeze III also boasts the addition of great cool tools like Say A Command, Pill Reminder, My Account, and Readout mode. See larger image. The Breeze III features a bright screen, streamlined an…

The AT&T Pantech Breeze III Locked Cell Phone is an exceptional bit of tech for those in the market for a new cellular phone without the hassles that comes with having too many commands. The AT&T Pantech Breeze III Locked Cell Phone is a clamshell-styled cellular phone with streamlined and easy-to-use menus, as well as large keys for those of us with large fingers. The AT&T Pantech Breeze III Locked Cell Phone allows for a minimum of three hours of talk time or ten days of standby time o…

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Pantech Breeze III (AT&T)